Why Tools4teaching

Why Tools4Teaching?

Eva is a VET teacher in Nursing. Back in 2019 she saw her students almost every day at school, with some breaks when her students were doing their internships. COVID-19 changed this scenario. There have been times where all classes, being theoretical or practical, could not take place at school and had to be provided online. It takes quite some effort to provide high quality lessons online, and online education is not the same as in-class:

  • Non-verbal communication is non-existing in online/distance education
  • It is challenging for students to work in groups
  • Interaction amongst students and with the teacher is limited
  • Lack of social control

All these challenges made it less fun for teachers, but also for students.

Do you recognise this? Then you’re exactly in the right place. Tools4Teaching wants to show that online education is not only challenging, but also provides a lot of opportunities.

Therefore, Tools4Teaching wants to:

  • Create more awareness on the opportunities of online education
  • Create a more open mindset towards online education among teachers/trainers
  • Provide practical tools to face the challenges of online education compared to classroom education

Digital technology can be used to improve the accessibility and provision of education offering new innovative instruments and solutions. Improving on teachers’ digital competence and digital readiness can develop high-quality teacher education and roles in relation to these opportunities.