What does Tools4Teaching offer you?

Is delivering your training online challenging the need for you to enhance your instructional skills?

If you want your training to engage learners, introduce new skills and decisively improve performance, you need reliable principles and a focused, results-driven approach.

In order to engage learners, new skills and decisively improving performance are vital.

To reach these objectives we aim to develop:

  •  an Online Toolkit – with easy to use, simple and straightforward tools, activities and ideas that can be implemented in online classes. The objective is that you can make remote students still feel part of your class even though they are learning from home.
  •  an Online E-book - showcasing teacher experiences of this Toolkit, outlining what impact this has had on their education and teaching methods. It will highlight the benefits in putting forward a more pragmatic approach to make the most of digital tools.

The tools provided will be based on reliable principles and focused, results-driven approach.